Easy to use, simply slip the Seat Beanie over most theater, rental car, bus, train and/or airplane head support in order to prevent the transference of germs and/or bacteria while it provides a comfortable resting area. Seat Beanie works with most of these seats. On airplanes you need to fold up the Seat Beanie so that it will not cover the tray table. Seat Beanie will not work on airplane seats that have TV’s or seat back pockets on the back of the headrest (it is a regulation that prevents the use of anything that can cover the seat pocket in the headrest that carries safety instructions). It won’t fit on most First Class seats as well due to the size of the seat. In this case use the antimicrobial wipes that are provided to sanitize your headrest. Seat Beanie is made for use where your head could have direct contact with germs. It will not work on children where their heads don’t reach the headrest but the wipes can be used to sanitize the area.